Thursday, October 29, 2009

Home stretch!!!

Oh my gosh! So the wedding is 8 days away!!! I can't believe it! Tomorrow we are going to Ephraim for an open house with all the people Adam knew growing up! I am way excited to meet everyone and see what Ephraim is like! :) Things are still pretty busy! We've been making shirts for all of the bridal party and it has their title and name on it! I finally finished those yesterday. Adam's sister, Catherine offered to make a scrapbook guest book for us for our wedding present! I am so grateful that she did because I have been stressing about what to do for the guest book. I appreciate her so much!!
We got our wedding license!! Wahoo!!! It was so much fun! Although, all we had to do was fill out a paper and then get more papers to have filled out at the wedding! Hopefully we don't forget them! There is so much to remember when all you want to be worried about is getting married. We also ordered a flower girl basket and a ring bearer pillow! It is so cute! I just got them in the mail yesterday and I love them so much!
Last weekend, I finished up my bridal showers! :) They were so fun! The one I had on Friday was thrown by Adam's aunt Laurie and it was mostly his dad's side of the family, my mom, and Emily. The theme was holiday decorations. So everyone got a different holiday and had to bring decorations for it! I was so excited for this shower because I LOVE DECORATIONS AND HOLIDAYS!!! I got some way fun stuff!!

And then Saturday, Tanya threw me a friend shower! I got to see some friends I hadn't seen in a while! It was awesome! There wasn't a theme to it but there were games! I apparently don't know Adam that well! Haha! They made me put a piece of gum in my mouth for every question I got wrong and let's just say that my jaw hurt afterwards.

Let's see what else. School and work have been pretty busy and I am looking forward to having some time off to be with my hunny. I have turned into a little bridezilla sometimes just because I am so frustrated and tired. So it will be nice to rest and relax.
I will eventually put pictures up but everytime I try the blogger won't let me do it! :( Hope everyone had a great week and have a safe and happy Halloween!!! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

October fun

Hello! It's been a little while. Life has been so crazy busy lately. We finally got our invitations done!! :) I am so happy that they are finished. That was the biggest headache for the most part! I didn't realize how many people I knew until doing those! So now things are coming along pretty smoothly! It is just busy trying to get everything done! I can't believe it is three weeks away! It is just crazy! My bridals are done as well!!! :) And I must tell you that Tanya did a wonderful job! I think they are so beautiful besides the fact that they are of me! ;) Hehe! I love them! She is the greatest ever! I don't know how many times I can say that!

Anyway....Adam was in the hospital for the first little part of October and he was there for his birthday!! I know it was sucky to be in on his birthday but he once told me that he doesn't really celebrate too much for his birthday. But I told him that that was going to change! I love to celebrate things and decorate!! :) So I decorated his room with Halloween stuff and then put up some birthday stuff! I think he enjoyed it!

Now that we are getting down to the wire we have been getting things altered, buying stuff for the wedding, getting flowers done and all that good fun stuff. And now bridal showers are starting again! I have one on Friday and one on Saturday! I am so excited! They are going to be a blast. And Halloween is coming!! Hooray! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays next to Thanksgiving! We went to a haunted house on Tuesday with my friend Ashley, her boy friend, Bryce, and one of their friends, Cody. It was so much fun and it was nice because there wasn't a line! Go to haunted houses during the week! It is awesome! Hopefully we will go to more soon! Adam and I are going to be chef's for Halloween and a couple of girls from my work, Katie and Teresa, are having a Halloween party on Saturday! I can't wait to dress up! Yay! Hope everyone is having a great Halloween season so far!

Adam and I

Two of my favorite girls!