Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Roller Coaster

I like roller coasters. Roller coasters are my favorite ride at amusement parks. It is a thrill of the unknown that usually ends in excitement. I feel like this the same with emotional roller coasters. I know there will hopefully be something exciting at the end of this roller coaster but I feel like it is the roller coaster that will never end.

We probably have to postpone our IVF cycle once again. It will be only two weeks but it feels like another 6 months has been added on. I am not very good at waiting even if I know there is a reason why we have to wait. This has happened so much that I am starting to worry that every time we get closer, something else will happen. Now mind you, I know this is not realistic but it is just how I am feeling. It also could be worse for us but this is something that has not been easy to deal with. You never really know what it is like to have fertility issues until you are going through it. I feel for people who have been dealing with this for a longer time than I have. It is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

There is so many tests and people you have to meet with before you can start the process and some times things fall through the cracks or are not completely understood. I didn't schedule a meeting with a psychiatrist soon enough and unfortunately she was booked out until September 12th. They won't let me start my first IVF med before completing this.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day and that I will get some of my questions answer. I also hope this will be our LAST draw back and we will get to the exciting part of this roller coaster. Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Get it together

For the month of August, I decided I am going to get my butt in gear and lose some weight.  So therefore I am dubbing August, "No fast food August"! Fast food as been my downfall for the past 6 months or so. Neither Adam or I have felt like cooking because we are busy and tired. But I am so tired of not liking my body and I know if I stop eating out and make healthier foods I would lose some of it. It is time for you to go excess weight. I am over you.
I also need to start exercising more. I feel like lately I haven't had much energy. Work wears me out and I go home and become a vegetable. I want to do more Zumba or hiking or swimming or anything really.
My biggest problem is that I don't have any discipline and I am not sure that this will go well. I learned something from my sister-in-law and this book she is reading about introverts and extroverts. Apparently I am not self-motivated but motivated by others. So I am wondering if there is anyone else out there that wants to join me in this never-ending quest to lose weight. I need some motivation ASAP!! I hope we can find recipes that are healthy and easy, work out together, push each other to accomplish our goals or just be a motivator to do all of the above.

Monday, July 16, 2012


The 4th!

Adam and Afton

The zoo! I finally got to see the polar bear awake!

Out for Kaitlin's birthday

 The Natural History Museum

This has been a busy month! My sister in law, brother in law, and niece have been here! We have been doing a lot of fun stuff as you can see in the pictures above! I am not sure what we'll do with ourselves once they leave.

I also have an interview for a PRN (as needed) recreational therapy job in Ogden! I am excited and nervous for this interview. I hope I get it. =) Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Uncle Adam

One of my favorite things about my husband is that he is extremely good with kids. In fact, he gets pretty sad when a kid doesn't like him. It is probably the cutest thing ever! He is the best uncle besides the uncles I have! Oh and Afton doesn't have CF!! Wahoo! So Adam pretty much booked it up to Drew and Karena's to see her! It was a happy day! The larger picture was him holding her for the first time! I was surprised when he actually let me hold her! He is smitten with her! He is smitten with all of his nieces.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rain! Rain!

It is raining today! Oh what a glorious thing! The past month here an in Colorado we have been grief stricken with terrible wildfires and today it is raining! I hope that it can give some relief to the firefighters that have spending weeks fighting them!

I hope everyone had a safe 4th of July!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Our new niece

This is Afton! She is Adelaide's little sister! She was born on June 23rd, 2012. You can't see it here but she looks a lot like Adelaide (or at least I think she does). 
The story of that day went kind of like this:
I was at work on Saturday and at about 3pm I was sent home. Yay! Adam and I went to the Arts Festival for a couple hours. Our former bishop (the guy that married us civilly) is a potter and we always go look at his work. Adam found a plaque that he wanted to give his mom. After we left, Adam asked if I wanted to go over to his parents so we could give his mom the gift. I said that would be great and Adam proceeded to call his mom but she didn't answer. So he called his dad and he told Adam that he was going to American Fork because Karena was in labor!! (!) Me being so excited, I asked if we could come along and his dad said sure. So we head to American Fork! We got there around 9:30 and waited and waited and waited! Ok we only waited for 2 hours but it seemed like FOREVER! I was so happy that Drew and Karena were ok that we were there and they even let us come up to see Afton. Adam was a little weary because Drew and Karena are both carriers of CF so it is a possibility that they may have a child with CF. Adam didn't want to risk getting her sick if she did so he waited in the lobby. Hopefully she doesn't end up with CF and we can spend more time with her! Once we got up to see her, Drew and Karena asked me where Adam was and I told him he wasn't sure if everyone is ok with him coming up. They said it was ok and as long as he wore a mask. So I went to get Adam and I was so happy that he was able to see her! I am so excited to see these little  girls grow up. I am also excited because my other niece is coming to Utah this week!
I love being an aunt! =)