Friday, May 21, 2010

Baby boy

One of the families in our ward welcomed a new little boy into their family this week! We got to go over and visit with them today! It was exciting to see him! He was such a miracle! I could not believe how cute and tiny he was! I see babies all the time but it was just so different because it was someone I know and love. I am so happy for this couple! Congrats to the Harris' on their new little bundle of joy! =) 

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today I had a very enlightening experience at my internship. The woman I am following did a spirituality group where she had everyone trace their hands and then write how their hands have helped others and how others hands have helped them. It was really cool to see what they came up with. I didn't participate by tracing my hands but I thought a lot about my own hands when they were doing it. The population of people I've been working with is usually in their 60s to their 90s and it was really neat to hear the stories they had to share. I've only been here for 23 years but I think my hands have done a bit. I guess I just never realized how much we depend on our hands and I don't know what I would do without them. So thank you hands for all you do for me and my family and friends and other people I come into contact with. You are amazing. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!! Great Strides Walk!

Here is all the information for the Great Strides Walk! Hope to see you there! =)

Get Ready…

Get Set…

Go Great Strides!!!

Make sure your sneakers are all tuned up and ready to go for the GREAT STRIDES walk THIS SATURDAY, MAY 15th at Washington Square (451 S. State St.)! As you collect all your last minute donations and get your friends and neighbors excited for the walk, we wanted to make sure you are aware of a few details, as this in a new location for us this year.

v Parking: you may park on the street in any of the metered stalls around Washington Square and the library. All parking meters are free on the weekend. You may also take Traxx and get off right there at the library. Washington Square is right next door!

v Create your space: bring your own blankets, camp chairs or pop up tents to claim your spot at the walk site. Unfortunately we do not have picnic tables at this location, so bring something to sit on. There are lots of trees and plenty of shade.

v Animals: please be considerate of others and do not bring your “furry friends” to the walk. With there being over 500 people expected this year, we want to make sure everyone is comfortable and that CFF is free and clear of any liability issues.

v Registration: begins at 9:00am. Only Team Leaders and unregistered walkers need to check in at Registration! Team Leaders should arrive promptly at 9:00am to obtain the blue bracelets to hand out to their walkers. Please gather your team together, take roll and let us know who is there that is pre-registered. For those who are not registered, you must fill out a walker brochure, sign the waiver and check in at the registration table. (Again, if you are pre-registered online and have signed a waiver, you only need to check in with your Team Leader.) If you are turning in money, put it in a Great Strides brochure, fill out the brochure completely with your name/address/team name/etc. and give it to your Team Leader to turn in to the Registration table.

v T-shirts: Great Strides t-shirts will be given to anyone who raises $100 or more! Sizes are on a first come, first serve basis. (Team Leaders will be given a coupon for each walker who gets a shirt. Walkers may take the coupon to the t-shirt table to redeem your shirt.)

v Walk Route – the walk is a little less than a 5k (about 2.8 miles). We encourage you to bring your strollers and wagons for your little ones who may get tired along the way. We will provide a Sag Wagon just in case something happens and you can’t quite make it. (See attached map below.)

v While walking, be sure to obey traffic laws! We need all walkers to follow the crosswalk signs and stop lights. Be aware that your group may get separated at a stop light along the way. Its ok, you’ll likely catch up with them down the road.

v CF Awareness Signs: something we’ve never done before is to encourage you to bring posters/banners to carry as you walk. This is a great opportunity to let people know who we are and why we’re walking. Take a bright colored poster board, decorate it with glitter and markers, write encouraging phrases or your team name and display for all to see! Don’t forget a handle (paint stir-stick or dowells work well) and take turns among your team carrying it.

v Runners: a few people have asked about running the route. You are more than welcome to do so. Again, please be aware of the stop lights and traffic laws. We will not be timing you and there’s no prize for 1st place. Remember – safety first! J

v Rest Stop: there will be a Rest Stop at 348 E. South Temple with water and treats. Be aware that there is not a bathroom at this location. Please “go” before you start the walk or you may be begging a business along the way to let you use their facilities!

v Germ Control: there will be hand sanitizer and hand washing station in a few places at the walk site. Please be aware of others and help to avoid the spread of germs.

v Pink bracelets will be provided at the Registration table for those who have CF to wear. We don’t want you to feel singled out, but we do want you to be safe and able to easily maintain the “3ft Rule” by not come in close contact with other people with CF.

v B. cepacia Policy: Because of risks to people with cystic fibrosis (CF), individuals with a confirmed positive sputum culture for Burkholderia cepacia (B. cepacia) complex shall not attend this event. This is because B. cepacia can be passed between individuals who have CF through close proximity. B. cepacia infection in a person with CF can cause serious respiratory illness and, in some patients, may lead to death. Despite this policy, there might still be some individuals with B. cepacia in attendance. B. cepacia is not a risk for otherwise healthy individuals. For alternative ways to participate and for information about this policy, please contact the CF Foundation at (800) FIGHT-CF or visit Consult your CF care center physician with medical questions.

v After the walk, please stay to enjoy some delicious food from Chick-fil-a, live music and entertainment from local performers and a Lucky Chance Drawing! We have some really great prizes so be sure to bring your wallets. If you would like to contribute a prize, you can drop it off at the CF office this week or bring it with you to the walk! J

If you have any other questions, please call the office (801) 281-1886. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Graduation 2010

This past Friday, I watched one of my best friends, Kristina graduate!!! =) It was so exciting! It brought me back to when Tanya graduated! I am so proud of my friends and I can't wait to follow in their footsteps! The graduation was pretty interesting. The announcer was acting like he was a sports announcer and you couldn't understand a lot of the names he was saying. It was quite humorous and fun! I also realized that two of my other friends, Hallie and Tiff were graduating at the same time! I was thrilled to be able to watch them graduate too! Especially because we all started in nursing but changed our majors, minus Kristina. 
ConGRADulations Class of 2010!! =) You will all do great things! I am proud to call you my friends!