Sunday, August 30, 2009

This segment is all about babies!!!!

I finally downloaded a bunch of pictures off my camera and guess what I found!!! Pictures of baby Adelaide! I believe I mentioned her in an earlier post. She is Adam's niece and my soon to be niece! She is just adorable and I am sad that it took me so long to get these picture on my computer! But anyway...this is a picture of Adam holding her for the first time!! He was so excited! :)
So after a while he finally gave her up and let me hold her! :) Can I just tell you that I can't wait to be an aunt!!Yay! Pictures of Miss Adelaide!! Now back to present day...

Today, I went to the zoo with Adam, his sister and brother in law and Madeleine. We weren't there for very long because it was blazing hot outside but we still had a pretty good time. We spent most of the time looking a monkeys and riding the carousel! Madeleine cracks me up though! She has quite a personality on her! And she was so excited to see me today. It made my day!

But as we were going along we found out that a lot of the animals had recently had babies!!! The tigers had three boys! But we couldn't really see them. Apparently tigers sleep 18 hours in a day. Lucky. Also, the snow leopards had a baby! We could see him! He was sleeping next to his mama.

So cute!!! :)

While we were learning about the new additions to the cat families we heard that the giraffes had a new baby as well! We then headed over that way! I think giraffes are so fascinating! And every time we see them I always have to make a reference to Melman from Madagascar. Haha.

Also, the elephants had a baby as well! But she is now out yet! We will have to wait til a later date for that!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wedding, Wedding, Wedding, Baptism, Wedding!!!!!! Now back to school!!


We got our engagement pictures done!!!! Hooray!! My best friend, Tanya did a wonderful job doing them!! She took 900 pictures!!! 900!!! No joke!!! It was so much fun! We just couldn't help ourselves!! We started out with the purple outfits first. Tanya took us to her husband's grandparent's farm. We took the most pictures there! We just kept finding new places to take pictures! It was wonderful.

Then, we went to the Union Station, that is in downtown Ogden. And there is a train that has the red looking fan thing. We took some there but the light wasn't great! Tanya had the great idea to use the white picture frame!

After that we went to a duck pond that was very popular when I was in high school. We decided to wear the green outfits for that. We had fun playing in the water and playing on the little playground. :)

Now we have to do our invitations! Yay! We have a good idea of what it is going to look like but we just have to pick out a couple of our favorites to use for it. Send me your address if you read this and want an invite! :)

Anyway...a week ago I was baptized into the LDS faith. Yes! It happened. I am more shocked than anyone else, I am sure. But it was the right thing to do for myself and I have never been happier. It was such a wonderful experience. I can't even describe it but it feels good. I know a lot of people have been critical of my decision and think I am doing it for all the wrong reasons. But let me just say that I was missing something in my life and now I have found it. I have spent too much time worrying about everyone else and didn't spend enough time worrying about me. I have found a path that I feel good about going down. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make in my life. But I am happy that I did it! :)

Also, school starts tomorrow!! Woohoo. This summer went by pretty fast!! It might be because it rained most of June and didn't get warm until July. But it will be nice to have something else to keep me occupied. Haha. Hopefully I will be able to get wedding stuff done too. I think I got most of it done like I wanted to but there are a lot of small things to do!

I will try and update again soon. :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Life the past month...

So the past month has been quite busy! Adam was in the hospital for the end of July. He was in for 2 weeks! I spent most of my time here with him and kept him company! It was fun minus the days I had to work. I would have rather been hanging out with him than working but I did come have lunch with him and popped in to say hello every so often. Oh and he gained 5 pounds! I am very proud of that fact! Let's hope he can keep it on and gain more! :)

After he got out of the hospital, I let him rest for a day and then it was time to continue with wedding plans. I am a mean fiance. Haha. We picked out a cake!! Yay! It is way cute and it is going to taste way good! I hope we'll get to eat some! Then we decided to do our registering as well. We were at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for 3 to 4 hours!!! It was insanity and we aren't even done yet!!! And then, his mother and I went to Modern Display to find flowers and such for the bouquets!! Oh and the greatest thing is that I found bridesmaid dresses!! FINALLY!!!! I was having such a hard time deciding but one of my bridesmaids went with me and we found a perfect one!! Now we need to do engagement pictures which should hopefully happen next week. :)

Anyway...this past Sunday was Adelaide's baby blessing. Adelaide is Adam's neice that was born in June! His brother and sister in law live up in Eagle Mountain so we drove up with Adam's sister, brother in law, and Adam's other neice. It was amazing and such a wonderful blessing! I am so glad I was able to be there! :)

Needless to say, it's been a busy month or so. But it has been fun! More wedding updates and pictures to come once I have some time off!