Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring break!!!

WAHOO!!!!! It is spring break!! I am so so so so so excited!! And so far it has been pretty good! Yesterday, I got my hair done! I am practically a blondie now! ;) You can't tell that much here but I love it! I think it is way fun! Thanks Leiat for always making me look awesome! =)
After that, Adam and I had dinner with Katie and Zac! It was so much fun! I haven't seen Katie since the wedding (or at least that is what if felt like!) and I sure missed them! =) I am so glad we got to hang out and hope that we can do something else soon! Then, I went and hung out with Kristina and Grace! We walked around Gateway for a bit! It was a lot of fun! I can't wait to hang out with people more over break! Yay! 
                                                                                                                                                                    I felt bad for being away from my hunny for a while so I went and bought him The Dark Knight! It was on sale! Also, I bought myself Just Dance for the Wii! Which was also on sale! I can't wait to go home and try it out! =) 

Today I am at work and tomorrow we are going to Ogden with the family to go to Spencer's farewell. He is going to Costa Rice! (This is Adam's cousin). It should be fun! I am excited!
I only work one day next week and will hopefully get some of my internship hours done! FINALLY!!!! I am looking forward to a break from work and school for a little bit! It will be nice and I am going to soak up every last moment of fun I can! Yay! =) Oh and hopefully we will be gearing up to move into the new place! I am dreading the thought of packing up our place though! Good thing it isn't too far from where we are now! So hopefully we won't have to pack too much!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day

I hope everyone had a great St. Patty's Day! And I sure hope you wore your green
I had to pinch Adam this morning when he came to me wearing a RED
shirt! I don't know what he was thinking!
We didn't really do anything fun today but our friend, Erin came over!
She was originally going to come for a green dinner
but we had to change our plans because I had a class meeting for my nature photography
class. We are going on a field trip to Capitol Reef! Our trip is over Easter weekend which 
kind of stinks but oh well. I have to do it to graduate! 
(Oh and speaking of graduating, I am graduating in Summer 2011! Wahoo!! And Adam will be getting his associates degree at the end of the semester! Yay!) Erin came over and brought us yummy cupcakes!

And they all had green frosting on them or some kind of green topping!
We also made green milk!
It was a delicious afternoon snack! 
We are still waiting to hear if we will be moving into the new place! I think we might have made a better case for ourselves today! But I guess we'll see! 
Hope everyone enjoyed there St. Patty's Day! =)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Madness!

This month has been absolutely crazy! School, work, Adam, family and friends have been keeping me busy! At the beginning of March, I went to a team leader meeting for the Great Strides walk coming up in May! (Don't forget to sign up for the walk!) I will have more details about the meeting on my other blog, so check that out too! We will hopefully be doing some fundraising stuff soon! More info to come! =)
Work has just been absolutely insane for the most part. Every time I am at work it seems like we have a million deliveries and people going home! It takes so much out of my sometimes! And school hasn't been too bad but sometimes doing both work and school becomes overwhelming. I have spent this month wanting to sleep and relax. I haven't felt like doing too much. Hopefully spring break will bring some R&R.
Also, I have been trying to do my internship but that has just been a joke. But today, I finally figured out what the problem was and will hopefully be able to start! Yay! I have been looking for a new place for Adam and I to move into because the place we are in is a little too small for us it seems.Well a couple weeks ago, one of our friends from church approached Adam and said we should try and move into the place next to them. They live in a triplex type deal. So we went to look at it and fell in love with it. We filled out an application and are still waiting for the people to give us an exact answer. They have called and asked us questions about whether we would be able to afford it and if we had given our 30 day notice to our current landlord. We are hoping to hear from them today! *Fingers crossed*
Adam and I saw Alice in Wonderland, the day it came out! And we saw it in 3D and it was awesome! I totally loved that movie! I loved that they took a classic and added to the story. Not just redoing it! Yay!
Adam has a doctors appt at the end of this month! I am nervous to see how is PFTs are! Hopefully they are still good and hopefully he will be feeling good. They are going to start him on a new medication  called Cayston that he will do through a nebulizer!  He does a medication called Tobi and he does it every other month so this medication will be every off month of Tobi. Hopefully it will help some! We are trying very hard to keep him out of the hospital! And so far it has worked! Yay!! He hasn't been in since October!! I am so proud of him for working so hard!
Other than that nothing else is going on. Hope everyone has a great St. Patty's Day!! =)