Friday, June 5, 2009

Busy, busy world!

These past couple weeks have been nothing but crazy!! I can't even beginning to name all the stuff that has been happening! There has been hanging out with Adam, broken computer, babies being born, family stuff, conversion happenings, deaths, work, and wedding plans!!! Holy cow! I don't even know if I have enough room for all of my stories for the past month or so!!

Most of all I just want to say RIP Ben. You were a great guy and always kept us on our toes! I sure can't wait to see you again!! :) You will be missed here on earth though! You always brought light into my day and could always make me smile!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer now that it is starting to get warmer outside and not raining everyday!!! Sigh! I hope to enjoy some sunshine soon! Adam and I are meeting with a photographer tomorrow and going to Antelope Island to hang out for a little bit! Ü

I will get some pictures up soon once I get my computer back (it's been in the shop for two weeks!). Have a great weekend!!

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ACSoderborg said...

who is this adam kid?
Do I need to be jealous?
nice post