Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Roller Coaster

I like roller coasters. Roller coasters are my favorite ride at amusement parks. It is a thrill of the unknown that usually ends in excitement. I feel like this the same with emotional roller coasters. I know there will hopefully be something exciting at the end of this roller coaster but I feel like it is the roller coaster that will never end.

We probably have to postpone our IVF cycle once again. It will be only two weeks but it feels like another 6 months has been added on. I am not very good at waiting even if I know there is a reason why we have to wait. This has happened so much that I am starting to worry that every time we get closer, something else will happen. Now mind you, I know this is not realistic but it is just how I am feeling. It also could be worse for us but this is something that has not been easy to deal with. You never really know what it is like to have fertility issues until you are going through it. I feel for people who have been dealing with this for a longer time than I have. It is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

There is so many tests and people you have to meet with before you can start the process and some times things fall through the cracks or are not completely understood. I didn't schedule a meeting with a psychiatrist soon enough and unfortunately she was booked out until September 12th. They won't let me start my first IVF med before completing this.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day and that I will get some of my questions answer. I also hope this will be our LAST draw back and we will get to the exciting part of this roller coaster. Thanks for listening.


Catherine said...

The harder it is to get your children the more precious they will be to you. Love you!

Teresa said...

waiting sucks!! Sorry you are having to to through all this, but I echo what Catherine said. And it will be so worth the wait in the end. Hang in there : )

Emilee said...

Good luck! I remember going through all this and I feel for you. Just know that soon enough you will get to give yourself shots every night and hopefully get a little baby in the end. When that day comes you'll barely remember what life was like without kids. I pray it will all work out for you!