Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pictures of the day: Vegas Edition

Lunch today at Hash House A Go Go. It was the most amazing food I have ever had. Adam had a meatloaf sandwich that was amazing. Mine was eggs, bacon, and avocado! So good! The best part was that we were with the Spendlove's! We had a wonderful time with them! 

Then we had dinner with my friend Kattie and her two kiddies! It was wonderful! I haven't seen her in probably two years! I am so happy that we got to visit with her! =)


Somer Love said...

Haven't been to Vegas in forever! glad you are having fun!

The Halls said...

How did you do the tabs. I got one added...but how do I add more?

Tony and Tiffany said...

I wish it was us that went to Vegas! It has been a few years. Glad to hear you had fun:)

The Halls said...

How to change your font. Click on "Design" at the top right of your blog, then "template designer", then "advanced" then change the "body text" and wahla! You did it!