Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Ok so I know it has been raining a lot here in Utah but I love that when it is not raining that it feels like spring! But the rain isn't half bad either! It is better than snow by far. Anyway..Adam has been wanting to bring my bike from Ogden to SLC and we finally got around to it on Sunday. Luckily enough my godmother gave Adam her bike so we both have a bike to ride. Today, we went for a little ride around the neighborhood. It was kind of chilly outside so we didn't go too far but I think we will try to make this a frequent occurrence. Yay! I hope that the weather stays nice and we don't see anymore snow!

As for my no sweets post at the beginning of the week, I have to say that it has been kind of tough. I have been really good so far. There were a couple times where I have slipped up but I think I've made an improvement from how much I was eating before. And I am ok with that! I feel that if I only have a treat every so often then I will be ok. I also learned today that sugar causes wrinkles and I definitely don't want those! Haha.

Oh! One more thing! Easter is this weekend and I am so excited! I love Easter! It is great! Adam and I will probably spend it at home this year! We are also talking about coloring eggs with our neighbors! I am super stoked about that. I also bought Easter pasta and I am going to make one of my favorite dishes on Easter.

Hope everyone has a blessed holiday!


Somer Love said...

I have SPRING Fever!!!

Adam and Christine said...

Me too! I am so ready for the nice weather! No more snow/rain!