Monday, September 5, 2011

Oh my geez!

I named this Oh my geez because family history work is a blast and confusing and a little frustrating all at the same time.

Adam and I promised my grandma a while ago that we would work on her family history about a year ago. I never really got a prompting to do it until today. My grandma had given us the stuff she already had and we were to continue it but we have no idea what happened to it. So we got some names from my mom and went from there. We've only started searching on the web and hopefully will be able to get downtown to the family history library because I am having a blast. The only thing is you can't always find what you need on the internet. Geesh. It is really neat to see where you came from though. =)

Speaking of the past, my mom has also been bugging me to clean out my old room. So today I went up to Ogden to do just that. It was fun because I kept pretty much everything I ever did when I was younger. I found stuff from when I was living in Pennsylvania and lots of stuff from living here in Utah. Probably my favorite thing that I found was my pogs! If you don't remember pogs, here's a picture.
Also, I found some journals I had to keep at school and they were super fun to read. I was a horrible speller and loved my first grade teacher. I also talked a lot about a friend of mine named Jonathan. He moved to New Jersey before I moved to Utah and I haven't been able to find him which is sad to me. I would like to find him one day.

Anyway...hope everyone had a good Labor Day!! =)

P.S. 2 more months until we can apply for our IVF grant.

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The DeGiulio's said...

I love pogs!!!! Ha thats one of the childhood things I had to keep.