Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hospital (Sept-Oct)

So as most of you know, Adam got admitted to the hospital. The last time he was in was May but he has been feeling crappy since August. At the beginning of August he started a new job and we tried hard to keep him out as long as possible. I didn't want him to lose his job so soon. Maybe it was a bad idea for him to stay out so long because on Wednesday when he did his PFT's they were down to 47! They have never been that low. Tomorrow he does his week 1 PFT's. I hope that they have bounced back up. Also, Adam's birthday was on Saturday. I tried so hard to make it a good day.

As I am writing this, Adam got discharged. It was a crazy couple of weeks and I forgot about it! Oh man. So I will update this as much as possible. First, Adam did his week one PFT's and they went up to 55. I thought this was pretty good but the doctor was surprised they didn't go up higher and she decided to put him on another antibiotic. His two week PFT's were about the same as week one. They were up to 56 which is where is has been at for the most part. The doctors let us go home which I am glad that they did. I couldn't spend another day in that hospital and I think Adam was feeling the same. The one nice thing about being at the hospital was we were able to hang out with Nikki a bunch. I am sure she is going crazy from being up there every day. now we've been home for a day and a half. It's been so nice. 

(This is a sign the Gifford's made us! They are our downstairs neighbors.)

I had an interview with two ladies on the psychiatric unit in University Hospital. I am pretty sure I got it too! =) Then, we walked around downtown yesterday, started our own phone plan together and I got an iPhone, then we went out to dinner. Today, we slept in, lazed about, and FINALLY decorated for Halloween!! 

I posted pictures last year of our decorations so I won't do all of them again this year. I will just put the new ones I got! =)

(I've really been into owls lately!)

(This is obviously not a Halloween decoration but I bought this while I was out one day and didn't get to put it up until we got home! I love my Utes!)

(My mother-in-law bought this little guy for me! He is so cute!)

I hope that things now will get back to normal. =) Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the fall! =)


Paula Soderborg said...

thanks for the update. We are so glad you two have each other and that we have you.

Jayson and Casey said...

Yay! My sign is famous! hehe. Glad you guys are back!!

The DeGiulio's said...

I bet you are happy to have you hubby home. Your Halloween decorations look cute.