Monday, December 2, 2013

Our little miracle

Atticus Clark Soderborg was born on November 22, 2013! 
He came a week early and was an early birthday present for me! 
I don't have a lot of time to write his birth story yet but I do want to post some pictures! He is pretty dang cute!

In labor

Welcome Atticus!

Meeting Grandma Michelle

Meeting Grandma Barb

Meeting Grandpa Mark (sorry I didn't get a picture with Grandma Paula.)

Meeting the Masters!

Meeting Miranda!

Hanging out with daddy

Meeting Esparza (Lindel)!

Meeting Em Dizzle!

So sweet!

This is my favorite picture!

Hanging out with Michelle!

Meeting Nikki

Meeting Grace

Finally talked Nic into holding a baby.

Meeting Aunt Tanya

Comparing sizes

Taizlee giving Atticus kisses with the duck.

Taizlee actually giving Atticus a kiss.

Cousin Madeleine giving Atticus kisses!

Meeting Uncle Alex and Aunt Catherine

The Bailey's

Meeting Amy

Boob guy! Haha. I saw this onesie and couldn't pass it up! 

Balloons! Some were for Atticus and some were for my birthday!

My sleepy boys!

Getting ready for a bath.

Heather helped Adam give him a bath!

All clean!

Hanging out with Marion!

MacKenzie was our nurse when we first got to postpartum and she was amazing! All the nurses were amazing! I missed getting pictures with a few of them but I loved my care and will never forget what a great experience I had.

Poor guy had to be put under lights! =(

Getting ready to go home!

Yoda hat! Haha! Thanks Cathy!

Our little monster!

Hanging with Karli and Taylor! Can't wait for Karli to have her little guy!

Carseat! He didn't even cry!

First family photo! Don't we look like new, exhausted parents?

Leah and Adam were swaying together!

Hanging out with Leah, Brad and cute Paisley!