Sunday, April 20, 2008


Hi!! My name is Christine! (Just in case you don't know me). I am a junior at the U of U and I am studying recreational therapy. I work at the hospital and I work on an awesome floor with some pretty awesome patients. School is almost over for the year and I can't wait.

It was my first semester of taking PRT classes (classes I have to take for my major). And I have to say it was a blast. The best thing was last weekend. The point of one of my classes was to program an event. Our event was Healthy Kids Day. It turned out so much better than I ever imagined! My classmate and I did a healthy fishing wall. It was the coolest looking thing! We had a little boy and girl come up and the boy fished and he got an orange or apple and his little sister fished after that and she got some strawberries. Well the mom gave the boy a strawberry and he got a funny face after taking a bite. He looks up and says "I don't like strawberries! (then he paused and said) I like shrimp!" Shrimp was the last thing I was expecting to come out of his mouth. I laughed so hard! was a great day and was very successful. Oh and it was a BEAUTIFUL day!! Which made me way happy. It was a little cold in the morning when we were setting up but then again we were in the trees and had barely any sun. I hope that the weather starts getting more spring like. I am ready for the snow to go away for a while.

Well thanks for reading this but I have to go to bed I have work in the morning! Have a great night and a good week! I will be studying for finals!

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