Saturday, April 11, 2009

Love is in the air!


Yay!!! I am just excited and had to share!! Adam asked me to be his girlfriend on Thursday night!! :D I am so happy! I can't even explain the feelings I have!!

We had a picnic yesterday and surprisingly the weather stayed nice for us! It was a lot of fun and then we went and watched Robin Hood! Did you know that Little John and Baloo from the Jungle Book do the same dance!?!?! (Courtesy of Adam!)

We decided to match! Sort of! We are kind of dorks like that! But it is always fun! It was especially fun trying to pick clothes that matched and having his dad help us the night before.
The last time we matched was a couple of weekends ago and we went to his friends house for a yummy dinner!! :)

I can't believe tomorrow is Easter!! Yay for being able to drink coffee!! I made it the 40 days without drinking it with the exception of when I went to San Francisco. That was just for safety purposes so I could stay awake while driving! I have to work tomorrow which kind of sucks but I will probably go to my mom's house on Monday to hang out and have Easter dinner there.

I also got to spend some time with some coworkers last night! It was a blast! I went and played Bingo with Skyler and he friends and then met up with Emily for EMIPALOOZA!!! :)

Well I am supposed to go to Adam's friends birthday party tonight! It should be fun! I'll try and keep this updated as much as possible! Have a Happy Easter!!!


Tiffany said...

Hey Christine! It's so fun to see you have a blog as well. You and your guy look cute together. We will have to hang out soon. It's been a little while:)

Jen & Shad DeGiulio said...

you two are such a cute couple!

Christine said...

Aww! Thanks you guys!! :) We must all get together!! I miss you guys!