Sunday, August 30, 2009

This segment is all about babies!!!!

I finally downloaded a bunch of pictures off my camera and guess what I found!!! Pictures of baby Adelaide! I believe I mentioned her in an earlier post. She is Adam's niece and my soon to be niece! She is just adorable and I am sad that it took me so long to get these picture on my computer! But anyway...this is a picture of Adam holding her for the first time!! He was so excited! :)
So after a while he finally gave her up and let me hold her! :) Can I just tell you that I can't wait to be an aunt!!Yay! Pictures of Miss Adelaide!! Now back to present day...

Today, I went to the zoo with Adam, his sister and brother in law and Madeleine. We weren't there for very long because it was blazing hot outside but we still had a pretty good time. We spent most of the time looking a monkeys and riding the carousel! Madeleine cracks me up though! She has quite a personality on her! And she was so excited to see me today. It made my day!

But as we were going along we found out that a lot of the animals had recently had babies!!! The tigers had three boys! But we couldn't really see them. Apparently tigers sleep 18 hours in a day. Lucky. Also, the snow leopards had a baby! We could see him! He was sleeping next to his mama.

So cute!!! :)

While we were learning about the new additions to the cat families we heard that the giraffes had a new baby as well! We then headed over that way! I think giraffes are so fascinating! And every time we see them I always have to make a reference to Melman from Madagascar. Haha.

Also, the elephants had a baby as well! But she is now out yet! We will have to wait til a later date for that!!

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