Monday, September 6, 2010

10 months!

Adam and I have been married for 10 months today!
And of course what am I doing? Working! Boo!
But I am so excited that we are getting closer to our year! Yay! We only have 2 more months to get through the supposedly hardest year of marriage.
I think we are slowly getting the hang of it! We still have lots to learn.
But I love Adam more and more every day! He is the best husband I could have asked for. =)
Thanks Adam for the best 10 months of my life so far! ♥
Oh and I finally picked an area of recreational therapy I want to work in!! Woot!
Women's drug rehab here I come!

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The DeGiulio's said...

I cant believe its been 10 months! Thats exciting its almost been a year. Its funny & amazing to look back on my marriage & have much we have grown/changed since then.