Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend wonderment!

This weekend was full of fun activities!
Friday: I went to Ogden to have lunch with Tanya and Tiffany. We went to Olive Garden which is our usual place. Then we did some shopping! I really enjoyed getting to spend an afternoon with them! I hope we can do it more often! After that I spent some time at my parents house. That was also something I enjoyed doing since I don't see them as often either. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures! =(
Adam spent some time with his friend, Dana.
We both went to my friend Kaitlin and Megan's place and hung out there for a while. We played Wii and all that good stuff!

Saturday: Adam went to work for the morning and I went to watch a couple baseball games at the Miracle League in West Jordan. It was a pretty neat experience! Then, we went to the Utes tailgate party and saw Andrew there! Andrew recently moved to Denver with his girlfriend, Erin. And they were my former roommates before Adam and I got married! I sure miss them! We took Kris to the game with us again! We had a blast and the Utes won 56-3! They are 4-0!! Woot woot! What a great season so far! I am so glad to be a part of the MUSS for their farewell tour!

It was a really good weekend and looking forward to this weekend! It is Adam's 26th birthday on Friday! =)

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