Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Job

Adam had recently decided that he needs a new job and I agree with him. His current place of work is not a good environment for him. Anyway...our neighbor, Spencer told him to apply at ARUP (which is a laboratory that does with all the specimens that come from hospitals and such). We also have a lady in our ward that is a manager up there so she put in a good word for Adam. He applied to a bunch of jobs and this morning he finally heard back! They wanted to do a phone interview at 3:30. He came home and was so excited, I had to tell him to relax many times. Haha. They called around 3:45 and it sounded like things were going well. Adam was shaking and I had to tell him to breathe and slow down. At the end, I saw a big smile come across his face and he was doing a little happy dance. He got a second interview which he will have tomorrow. This will mean a lot to our family and I am hoping that he gets it. =)


Emily said...

Woot-woot!! I wish you could see the happy dance I'm doing for you right now, cause it's pretty impressive!! G'luck :)

BRAD and LEAH said...

YAY! That is so awesome! We'll keep our fingers crossed! :)