Saturday, June 18, 2011

A weekend full of happiness and a little bit of sadness

This weekend was jam packed with stuff to do! 
On Friday, we helped our very good neighbors move to their new home! They are official homeowners!! It is definitely good for them because they have a baby on the way and don't have the room on their half of the house. We tried to talk them into switching with us because we have one more room then they did. But it is understandable that they want their own space. We are certainly going to miss them. They were the best neighbors we could have asked for. Fortunately, they didn't move too far away! They are living sort of by Adam's parents so we can pester them whenever we are out that way. Our neighbors that live in the basement are going to take their place which is going to be totally awesome and then we will get new neighbors! 

Then today we celebrated my niece's birthday! She is turning 2 tomorrow! I can't even believe it! She is really one of the cutest little girls ever! =) She just makes me happy. We went to Eagle Mountain to their house to celebrate! We had wonderful food and had a wonderful time watching her open her presents. Lots of good laughs. After that, we went to watch Adelaide dance in a recital but unfortunately we were late and missed her dance! =( Hopefully someone will give them a video of it so we can watch it. Adam and I stay with Drew and Adelaide and watched Karena dance at the end! She is a dance teacher and helped teach some of the dances. It was fun to watch her dance! 

Here are some pictures from Adelaide's birthday celebration:

Adam pushing Adelaide on the swing

Time for presents!

Birthday girl! (She wanted to put on all her birthday clothes!)


Getting her shoes on.

She sure loved that ball! It was fun to watch her. 

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