Friday, December 30, 2011

Date night!

Since our schedules have been so crazy and opposite lately, we have started doing a date night every Friday night or Thursday. Each week, one of us decides what we are doing that night and then we are on our way. We have done some fun stuff and it is nice to spend some time together because for a while it felt like we weren't doing anything but sitting around the house and watching TV. I can't really remember what we did the first couple times.

Anyway...last week was my choice and we went to see the Christmas lights at the temple! We ate dinner at the Nauvoo Cafe! We had to wait in line for a while but it was worth it!! I just love looking at Christmas lights! Then we went and saw Sherlock Holmes. It was a pretty good movie!

This week, it was Adam's turn! He was so excited because we were going to a Jazz game. He tried hard to keep it a secret but when he came downstairs in his Jazz jersey, I was able to figure it out! We went to dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen. We had a California Club pizza which I didn't get a picture of because we were so hungry that we almost inhaled it. The food was good but our waiter wasn't the greatest! Then, we walked around the Gateway mall for a little bit. Apparently the malls are still kind of crazy but I am glad we walked around! We ended up running into my friend, Hallie and her FIANCE, Casey! (They recently got engaged on Christmas!) Anyway...the game was a blast even though I was having a little bit of conflict. You see, the game was again the Sixers and I am originally from Pennsylvania. I liked the Sixers growing up and I still have a little place for them in my heart. Haha. But I am glad the Jazz won! It was a good game!

So I think on Fridays I am going to start posting what we do for date night and hopefully give others out there ideas of what they can do too! =) Hope everyone has a great new year!

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