Monday, April 9, 2012

Catching up with pictures!

Game night

Date Night @ the Nickelcade

Tanya's baby shower


Potluck on 5 West!

Date night with the Garside's

Taizlee Garside!

Date night @ Culver's

Part of Culver's date night. We went to the DI and bought each other stuff! We limited the amount to $20.

Valentine's Day

Meeting Taizlee!

Tony Caputo's with Nikki! (This is our first picture together!)


Manti Getaway

Adam's high school

One of Adam's old houses.

Walmart! ;)

Bowling and pizza

URTA conference

Eli visiting us in the hospital

City Creek

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firecracker said...

Holy Moley that was a lot of pictures! But not much explanation. They were fun to look at even if I had to make up my own captions ;)