Sunday, May 6, 2012

Graduation 2012

I FINALLY graduated from college! It took me 7 years but I did it. It almost felt unreal to me for the first couple days. It wasn't until I was walking across the stage with my sort of diploma that it hit me! No more homework, no more tests, no more school! Let's just hope that I passed my internship class and pass my licensing exam. ;)

This last semester was probably the hardest time of my life. Working everyday was a lot more stressful and tiring then I thought it would be. It was especially hard at the end. I felt like I had done all I could and I was tired and just plain miserable. Readjusting to a normal life hasn't been all that great either. I am already having dreams about school and waking Adam up to ask him about my assignments. I was excited to be able to sleep in and that hasn't happened much either. I think my internal clock is now set to 7 am.

The one nice thing is that I do get to see Adam more and I am not constantly worrying about something or exhausted all the time. The last week was kind of busy with graduation so I hope things start getting more normal.

My plans now are to take my licensing exam on Thursday and hopefully find a job. I have applied to a few places throughout Utah. I don't want to go too far because I want Adam to be able to work at his job and go to school. So the farthest I have applied to is Ogden and Provo.

Also, I should catch up on the baby stuff. Adam won't be able to give his "genetic material" until the fall due to circumstances I am not allowed to disclose on my blog. So we are looking at about September to be able to continue with IVF. Hopefully I will be able to find a job and that way we can be a little more stable financially. We also might do another fundraiser in the near future so look out for information on that.

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Paula Soderborg said...

Christine, You are my hero!