Thursday, May 31, 2012

Train in concert!!!!!

So I was in the car today on the way to the bank and on the radio the announcer said, "stay tuned for a chance to win tickets for Train and blah blah." I about died and was frantically looking to see when and how much tickets were while waiting for the bank to deposit my monies! I swear I had looked and they weren't coming to Utah but apparently I missed it or they just added it! Train was here during the 2002 Olympics and some how my parents had tickets and took me along! It was the first concert I went to and I can't believe 10 years later and I will be going to see them again! Yay!!! =) I immediately went to Smith's after the bank and bought their two newer CD's so I am prepared for the concert! The countdown will now start until September 20th!! Woot woot! Until then, enjoy some of their music!

Drive By

Drops of Jupiter

Marry Me

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