Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Neighbors, Moving, and Dave Matthews

This was a BBQ we had with some neighbors before we moved. It was a delicious Japanese feast!!

Packing our old house!

Moving day

Our new place!

Dave Matthew's concert

I have been meaning to post this for the longest time. We were so busy from moving and then Adam ended up in the hospital. There will probably be a few more blogs to follow this one.

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Nikki Riddle said...

Ahh! Several things...
Firstly.. you and Casey! You guys look fabulous with your baby bumps! :) I am so excited for BOTH of you! =D
Secondly.. I can't believe we'll never spend time together in your old house again. haha. A part of me will really miss it! But your new house looks really, really nice!!
And thirdly... I miss you both so very much <3 You two look lovely :) Also I am happy Adam is home and feeling better!