Wednesday, November 17, 2010

7 months

Per Leah Fortuna's request, I am posting a new post! (Now you need to post a new one Leah! P.S. I love the pictures from our hang out!)

Today, they admitted Adam into the hospital. He wasn't feeling well for a week and a half and his PFT's were down just a little bit. So they just want to give him a little pick me up. He will be here for 2 weeks. We are hoping that he can jump back quickly since he has been healthy for so long. I can't believe he has been out for 7 months. He had only been in once during the first year we were married! I am so proud of him for it! He put up with a lot of my nagging him to stay on top of things. He hasn't given up and has pushed through a lot! He is my hero! 

So if anyone wants to come visit, please do! We love visitors! Call me or Adam and let us know! 

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