Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sweet victory

I can't believe what a game it was! Both teams put up a good fight in their last game again each other in the same conference!!! 
Since Adam is in the hospital we weren't able to go to the game but we went to the Heritage Center and watched the game there for a bit then we came back to our room and watched it.
There were many times where I told Adam to turn of the TV because I couldn't take it. 
I am sorry that the referee's made a bad call. Well ok maybe I am not because we won because of it. 
But I can't believe that last play! They definitely had a chance to win anyway! I am not sure who it was that blocked that kick but he is my hero of the day! 
It made me fall to the ground and cry! 
Congrats Utes! Thank you for winning! 
I will never forget this game! 

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