Thursday, February 3, 2011

I was born in...

The year of the Tiger

Feb. 08, 1902 to Jan. 28, 1903

Jan. 26, 1914 to Feb. 13, 1915

Feb. 13, 1926 to Feb. 01, 1927

Jan. 31, 1938 to Feb. 18, 1939

Feb. 17, 1950 to Feb. 05, 1951

Feb. 05, 1962 to Jan. 24, 1963

Jan. 23, 1974 to Feb. 10, 1975

Jan. 09, 1986 to Jan. 28, 1987

Tigers are rebels. They are both colorful and unpredictable. Their energy and love of life are stimulating. They love being the center of attention and never go unnoticed. Tigers are impatient and always look for action.They speak their minds when upset and have suspicious natures. But in spite of their quick tempers, they are sincere, generous and very affectionate. They also possess a great sense of humor.

When Tigers are injured they need all-out sympathy. Logic does not appeal to them. They want to be comforted. They will listen sincerely to the advice you give, and then do exactly as they please. People born during the year of the Tiger have super egos. Tread lightly and don't hurt their feelings. They may never forgive you! Tigers are romantic, passionate, and playful. They are also extremely jealous and possessive. The lives of Tigers are full of emotional situations, but they love it that way. They love life and want to live it to the fullest.

Optimistic, Tigers always bounce back for new and fresh challenges. Tigers are very generous with rewards when you have pleased them. Being delightful hosts, Tigers go all-out to see that you have a good time. They are intense individuals, especially when upset and angry, but Tigers are famous for their ability in influencing others and swaying crowds.

This explains me to a T.

And this is Adam!

Year of the RAT

Jan. 31, 1900 to Feb. 19, 1901

Feb. 18, 1912 to Feb. 06, 1913

Feb. 05, 1924 to Jan. 24, 1925

Jan. 24, 1936 to Feb. 10, 1937

Feb. 10, 1948 to Feb. 14, 1949

Jan. 28, 1960 to Feb. 14, 1961

Jan. 16, 1972 to Feb. 02, 1973

Feb. 02, 1984 to Feb. 19, 1985

Rats are both charming and aggressive. They appear calm and well balanced on the surface, but underneath, they are restless and a little nervous. Rats are compatible, hard working, and they know how to hang on to a penny. They have a bright and happy personality, and this keeps them busy socially.They love parties and other large gatherings. They like involvement and are very outgoing. Rats cherish friends and loved ones. For this reason, they often get entangled with others' problems and lives.

Rats know how to keep a secret, if it's their own, but they are adept at finding out what others try to keep to themselves, and Rats wouldn't be above using the information if it were to their benefit. Since they make it a point to know everything about everybody, Rats are excellent writers. They have a good memory and are extremely inquisitive. Their intuition is strong and are always on the lookout for opportunities to better themselves. One can always tell when Rats are upset. They become edgy, very nervous, and quite nagging. One of the Rat's biggest fault is that they try to do too much at once. They often scatter their energies and get nothing accomplished.

Rats have great respect for their parents and dote on their own children. They love their home. Family life is very important to them. Rats born during the evening are tempted to a more hectic life than those born during the day. Rats learn early, quickly, and are avid readers.


One More Pretty Girl said...

I love reading about my Zodiac signs!

Adam and Christine said...

Haha. Me too! I stole these from you as well! Thanks!