Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some very good news!!

I have two pieces of good news!! =)

First piece.
Remember this post?: New Job

I am so proud of him! He wanted this job so bad and he worked so hard to get it. 
I was a little worried because he hadn't heard back from them in a few weeks. Adam even called last week to see what was going on.
They called yesterday and said they hadn't heard back from his references. So Adam gave him different numbers to contact them. He went to work today and talked to his boss to see if he had talked to them. Right after that meeting, Adam got a phone call and it was ARUP. They offered him the job! 
We are super excited and I think there will be some positive changes in the Soderborg household.
Woot woot!

Second piece.
Remember this post? Wonderful News

Well this was about my twin!

She is prego! 
I think it is ok to tell you now that she has told the blogging and facebook world!
I knew it before she even told me! Haha. She text me and said that we should hang out and she needed to see me. It seemed normal at first but something felt different. Then two days before we were supposed to hang out, she sent me a picture of an ultrasound! 
I am super excited for her and her hubby! It is amazing and will be totally weird seeing one of my best friends prego. =)

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Jace and Tanya said...

Yay! For both! Adam got a great job. And I love that you are excited for me too. :) I love it! I can't wait.