Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More produce from our garden!

Our tomatoes finally started to turn red
We picked some this evening and I am so excited to try them! 
We also got another cucumber.
I never thought it would be this much fun to grow our own food.
Here are some pictures:

Yay for vegetables! 
Our other vegetables that we planted:
pumpkins (which are doing really well. I think we have 8 or so pumpkins starting)
squashes of all kinds

I had planted some flowers as well but I think our garden people tilled without knowing. I was a little upset when I came home and found out what had happened. There were some that were starting to bud but I don't think they survived and I am not sure if any will come up. I guess I will have to plant some more soon.

Anyway...Adam started his new job yesterday! For the first two days he was in orientation and now he will start training for a month or so. We'll find out if he actually likes the job tomorrow. *crossing my fingers*

Also, my sister-in-law and niece are going to be in town later tonight and I can't wait to see them tomorrow! They are going to be here for a while and later this month we are going to Mirror Lake as a family. My brother-in-law will also be joining us then. 

August is going to be a super busy month! 
There will be weddings, births, family, friends and dun dun dun....school! 

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