Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Home sweet home!

We are home!!!
I am currently laying in our bed just loving every minute of it!! =) I am so happy to be home and be able to go out and about with my huns buns. We even treated ourselves to a movie! Well actually Adam's friend and sister treated us to a movie! Thanks Mike and Liz! We went to see Tangled! It was such a good movie! If you haven't seen it, go now! =) Next we want to see Harry Potter! 
I am so thankful for all of staff that took care of Adam. We had a pretty good stay and made more friends of course. If there is one thing you need to know about Adam it's that he can make friends very easily.
I started a blog on Cystic Life (it is a community for anyone who has CF or knows someone with CF.) It is a great support site and has a lot of information. So if you have or know anyone that has CF you should join. It's helpful!
Did I mention that I love being home!!?!?! =) 
Also, want to say happy birthday to Leah and Mike! Hope you guys had great birthdays! 

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