Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 17 of CF info

Adam did some PFT's today and this time they went up a little!! Wahoo! That makes me feel so much better with him going into surgery tomorrow. His ENT is going to call me tomorrow after his surgery! I thought that that was very nice of him since I will be working. I would also appreciate prayers being sent Adam's way! I am sure it will go well as usual. I am just glad that we are almost out of here. I think we are both getting kind of antsy. I will update tomorrow about his surgery! 

The common cold to most is not a big deal. A cold to someone with CF could make for a long stint in the hospital. Hopefully we are able to get our lung functions back to where they were before the cold, but with CF there are no guarantees! If you are sick and know someone with CF, stay away until you are better.

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