Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 5 and 6!

I missed yesterday! Oops! It was kind of a long day. Hope everyone had a great Cinco de Mayo. We went to my BFAW's (best friend at work) graduation from nursing school! It was a great graduation! I almost cried! Haha. She has work really hard and I was really proud of her! =) Then Adam and I went to Del Taco and had some 29 cent tacos! It was awesome!

Anyway.... here is my fact about CF for the day!! One way to clear the airway!

Clearing the Airways
People with cystic fibrosis do airway clearance techniques (ACT) to loosen and get rid of the mucus from the lungs. Clearing mucus helps to reduce the severity of lung infections and improve lung function.
Some airway clearance techniques require help from family members, friends or therapists. Adults with cystic fibrosis can do many airway clearance techniques themselves.
One technique is called “postural drainage and percussion.” People with cystic fibrosis sit, stand or lie in a position that will help free up mucus as their chest and back are pounded or clapped. Sometimes a patient will use a mechanical “vest,” or blow into a device that shakes the mucus loose, to help clear their airways.

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