Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 18 and 19

Adam's surgery went pretty well. He wasn't in surgery very long. It was probably only a half an hour from when the nurse called me and told me he was taking him back to when Adam's doctor called me and told me they were done. I hope that this will help him a little bit to breathe better. The one thing I was happy about was that he wasn't all that grumpy this time. In the past he's been pretty grumpy after surgery but I think they controlled his pain pretty well. He even let me get stuff for him and take care of him which was a shocker to me. Again he hasn't really let me do anything in the past. I am glad they were able to keep him out of pain for the most part. He only needed to take Loratab once and the rest of the time he's been taking Tylenol. I hope now he can get back on track and continue to get well. I hope that his PFT's will go up at the beginning of the week. He did his PFT's the day after and they did go up a little bit so that made me feel a little better. It would be nice if they at least got to where they were before he came in the hospital. Anyway...hope everyone is having a good week. I hope this weather gets a little bit better before Saturday! =) 

Lung transplantation is considered when lung function declines to the point where assistance from mechanical devices is required or patient survival is threatened. This point typically occurs when lung function declines to approx 20 to 30 percent, however there is a small time frame when transplantation is feasible as the patient must be healthy enough to endure the procedure.

P.S. Saturday is the Great Strides walk! I am super excited! We have a great team! 

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