Monday, April 1, 2013

Baby Soderborg

Sorry for the delay in announcing how our IVF cycle!!! It just doesn't feel real some times but we are pregnant!!! We are so excited and feel so blessed to be expecting a wonderful child. I have an ultrasound next week to make sure everything is going ok.
So far I have been nauseous and tired all the time. I am also super hormonal. Haha. I am just so amazed that even though the baby is so small it can have such an effect on me already!!
We could not be more thankful for all the prayers and well wishes from all of our family and our friends! Thank you so much for being our support through this time!


Silvia and Steven said...

That is wonderful news!! I know it's been a journey, but now enjoy every moment!! Congrats!! :O)

John said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!! Awesome news! How far a long are you? I cannot wait to read more about your pregnancy. My wife and I went through this journey and it is so nice to see others having success with IVF! There is no one out there who understands this journey unless you have traveled it :)

Christine said...

Thanks all. John, I am only about 5 weeks. So still pretty early!