Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What the what!

Let's just start this blog out with a..WHAT THE WHAT!!! Ok. That is better. This phrase always makes me smile because every time I say it, I can see my 3 year old niece repeating it with her cute little voice. A smile is definitely what I need right now.

Now to get to the reason for the what the what. I knew pregnancy was going to be scary. I've seen most everything that can go wrong with a pregnancy and most everything that can go well with a pregnancy. BUT it is a totally different world when it is actually you. I know I am supposed to try and stay calm and relaxed through this thing but I have no idea how anyone can do that through their first pregnancy. I notice every cramp, every ache, every little thing that my body does. I love the reassurance I get from family, friends and my doctor that it is all normal stuff that should be going on during pregnancy. Whew!

But then Sunday happened. Most women's fear!! I saw blood! What the what!!! I had heard it is normal to spot and such but this was more than what I would think spotting would look like. I panicked, called my husband upstairs and asked him what we should do. His first response was to go to the hospital. (Side note: This is not at all what I had planned for the night. Adam had just picked up Nikki from the airport. We had dinner and then planned on watching a movie or play a game. I was so grateful that Nikki came to the hospital with us even though I felt terrible. Earlier that evening, she was saying that she wished she could be here for us more so I guess she got her wish!)

Anyway...so we headed off to the ER. (Another side note: Adam reminded me that I have been to the ER more times than he has since we got married. It is kind of ironic and funny.) We got settled in to our room and everyone was very attentive and helpful. It was probably the best ER visit I've ever had. They checked me and decided that the baby was ok and that I was probably bleeding from a procedure I had earlier that week. They did check baby to make sure it was doing ok and that I wasn't having an ectopic pregnancy as well. Baby looked great which was a huge relief!

I am sure that this is the first of many scary things that will happen during this pregnancy since I am only 8 weeks into it. I am glad that we got this over with and that everything is ok. I am still a little nervous and shook up from it and I hope that I can get out of this funk soon. I guess I am more worried because of all the obstacles we have gone through to get to this point. I am trying to relax and not stress when I can.

We have another appointment in the beginning of May. It will be nice to talk to my doctor and make sure everything is still going well. We are so blessed to have this opportunity to have one of Heavenly Father's little spirit children. I am amazed that I have this opportunity to be a mommy and for Adam to be a daddy. Thanks to all those who have constantly prayed and been a support to us!

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John said...

Maria and I both experienced this with Alayna. In fact it was multiple times where we went to OB triage!!! It was always very nerve recking to say the least. But we were told various things........Some woman bleed through their whole pregnancy or sometimes it could still be that implantation bleeding. But everytime it was so scary. Just try to remain calm and relax. That is the only thing you can do. Hang in there :)