Monday, April 8, 2013


There it is folks! Our baby!!! You can't really see it in this picture because it is only the size of a grain of rice! Pretty crazy huh? That little grain of rice has a little heart beat that was 112 beats per minute! This ultrasound made it feel more real even though I have been nauseous and exhausted for 2 weeks now! It was so cute to see how excited Adam was after seeing it on the screen! He hasn't felt like it was real. All he's dealt with is me complaining and asking for random food items! We are thrilled that we get to be parents to this little one! =)

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John said...

LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!

WE are so Happy for the two of you :) Let the morning sickness kick in. You know what is crazy about the morning sickness thing is it doesn't have to be just in the morning when your sick. I witnessed all that for months.

Keep that positive vibe going :)