Monday, December 6, 2010

Best Sunday Ever!!! ♥

I spent all day with my hunny and it was such a wonderful Sunday.
We slept in and missed church which wasn't what we intended to do. But we were both so exhausted after the past two weeks. 
We got up and had lunch then played Star Wars Legos. 
Adam did his treatment and I cleaned up around the house and made cookies.
Then we decorated for Christmas!!! 
I love decorating! 
Here are so pictures of our decorations! 

The cookies

Getting ready to spend our 2nd Christmas together! 

Tree is up! Now it's time to decorate!


Having so much fun!

Light are on!

Putting the star on top!

All done!

Window Cling ons

Tablecloth and salt and pepper shaker


Living room

Santa gourd

What we watched while decorating


Adam's stocking

My Stocking

Little Santas

Adam's little snowman

Our Christmas PJ's from last year

I can't wait for Christmas now! Wahoo! =) Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season so far!


Tony and Tiffany said...

I love putting up Christmas Decorations!!! Tony and I have played hookie from church a time or two when we have been exhausted from life and wanted to do nothing but just chill and home and relax. I'm glad you guys and a fun and relaxing day!

Silvia and Steven said...

Such a fun thing to do to get into the holiday season. Everything looks so great! :O)