Saturday, January 7, 2012

Date night/Game night

Today has been a pretty long and awesome day. I had to do a crisis prevention training for my internship that I am starting next week! Oh man! I am super excited and super nervous! For those of you who don't know about it, I will be working on the psychiatric unit at University Hospital with a recreational therapist for the entire semester! It is going to be a long and trying semester because I will also be working at my regular job. That is TWO full time jobs! Anyway...the training was great. I learned some new stuff and hope that I will survive the next few months!

So this week, we decided since I won't have much of a life that we would make our date night a game night. This way I could see some friends and have some fun before next week. A few people came over and we had some food and played Squint.
Squint is kind of like Pictionary except they give you obscure shapes to make the picture with. It is kind of fun! It took Adam a long time to talk me into learning this game but I am liking it the more I play it. We did a couple rounds of that!

Then we decided to play Apples to Apples!

I think most people probably know how to play this one. But the gist of it is on your turn you pick an adjective and everyone else puts down a card that they think you would pick to go a long with that adjective. It can get pretty funny especially when no ones cards make any sense!
Then, a few more people showed up and we played a round of Apples to Apples with them. I soon learn that they had brought a game too! They had brought Monopoly Deal, which is a game I had never heard of before! 

This game is so much better than actually Monopoly! I think Monopoly is way too long and my hubs thinks that he will destroy me every time so we don't play it alone. Haha. In Monopoly Deal, you get cards and the goal is to get 3 full sets of properties. It was super easy to learn and it went pretty quick! You can still "destroy" people but it is so short it is easy to get over! ;) 

Overall, we had a great time! =) I hope that the next few months go by quickly so that we can have another game night! Happy weekend to everyone! 

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