Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 5

Day 5- Talk about your pets


These are my babies!!! Tigger is the top on and she is 14 and isn't a fan of most people. We always called her our guard cat! We got her the year after we moved to Utah and I got to pick which one we got. There were a bunch of new kittens and a kitten that was 2 weeks old. I picked the one that was 2 weeks old because as I recall she was the last one of her litter and I didn't want her to be lonely. She has also been quite chunky most of her life until recently when the vet wanted her to lose some weight. 

GrayC is the one sitting on the computer paper. That is one of her favorite places to sit and she sort of looks like a statue. Haha. She is the middle cat of the three and I think she is 7! We got her from a lady that my godmother works with. I guess she found a bunch of kittens abandoned behind her barn. So she brought over the lot and we had to draw out of a hat because we thought they were all so cute! She is basically my moms cat. They are both very fond of each other. 

And last but not least is Punky Jr. Now you may be asking yourself, "why the Jr.?" Well, when I was younger, my nickname was Punky and my mom always called me a brat. I guess they thought that she was a little like me and decided to name her after me. Haha. Anyway...I got Punky Jr. from an old coworker of mine. She always heard me talking about how much I love cats and I was always looking at them online. So one day she told me that she bought me a kitten! I was super excited about it but my mom didn't like the idea of me having a cat when I could hardly afford to take care of myself. Well the weekend my friend Tanya got married, my mom told me to bring her with so I wouldn't have to go back and forth to feed her. She had me keep the kitty there so they could find her a new home. I was pretty bummed about it and one day my mom called me with news that they had found a home for her. When I asked my mom who was going to take her she said us and that they would keep her! I was excited about that! 
I love my kitties! I wish I could see them more often since they all live in Ogden with my parents! Some day I hope to convince Adam to let us get one but that won't be until we move into a house or a place that allows pets.

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