Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 4 and our 200th post!!!! Woo!

Day 4 - Your favorite photograph of your best friend(s)

I am so glad there is an (s) on the end of this because I have more than one best friend!!! =)

This is Tanya and she is my twin. We were born on the same day about 2 hours apart and on different sides of the country! We have a connection that almost feels like we are real twins. =) She has been there for me through the thick and thin! We always have fun together and this is my favorite picture of us because it was one of the funnest times we had together. 

This is Ashley! We have been friends since I moved to Utah in 1996! She lived around the corner from each other and spent most of our time together!! We always tried to convince people that we are related! Now I go to her with most of life's tough stuff. She always has good advice and can make me look at situations differently! She is such a strong person and has been through so much in her life! She also has really cute kids that I consider my niece and nephew! 

This is Grace. We meet several years ago at a friends house who is now her boyfriend! We became friends and we like to goof off! She is such a supportive friend and has done so much for me! I feel like I can tell her anything and can be myself around her! We always have so much fun too!

This is Emily! She is my BFAW!! BFAW stands for best friend at work! I am so happy that I know Emily! When I started working at the U, she was the one who oriented me and taught me everything I know. She is always upbeat and positive! 

This here is Nikki! We have NO pictures together which needs to be changed ASAP!!!! Anyway...I meet Nikki through Spencer (he is someone I took care of and he had CF). Nikki is basically my mini me. Haha. She is a few years younger than me and I feel like we have so much in common. She understands what it means to be a CF wife and that means a lot to me. 

This is Adam! I married one of my best friends! He is the greatest person I know! I am so thankful that I married such a wonderful man. We always laugh and have a good time. We fight and get ownry with each other. But we still love each other and happy to be together. 

So there you have it! These are my best friends! I think of a lot of my friends as my best friends! I love having people around me that I care about! 

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Awh love u chicka!